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Talents are the real driving force of corporate development. Adawell believes in and exercises an excellent and effective talent strategy and attaches great importance to cultivation and training of talents. To this end, it spares no effort to create favorable conditions for the career development of its staff. Talents are always the top priority of Andawell, so it takes great initiatives to create an environment where talents can stand out and build a learning-oriented organization and a powerful team. Andawell respects talents and provides a stage for each employee to show their talent by creating a harmonious working environment, assigning challenging work tasks and offering competitive remuneration. By doing so, human capital value of the employees will be preserved and increased and the employees will grow together with Andawell.

Andawell has forged a core team with broad vision, strong dedication and outstanding professional competence through its adherence to the cultivation and development of its core team and professional talents, binging itself a step further towards the goal of becoming a visionary leader in aviation industry. Today, with more and more elites joining Andawell, its dream has become more ambitious and paces-forward steadier.

In response to internal and external changes, Andawell attaches great importance to employees’ recognition of its corporate culture while allowing them to demonstrate and reflect their personal competence and values. Andawell adheres to its HR philosophy of “Morality above everything else, making best use of strength, keeping broadening staff vision, enabling efficient career development and making dreams come true”. It gives full play to employees’ wisdom and talents to promote the Company’s development which in turn reflects the employees’ personal values. The Company, based on the laws of talent development, attaches great importance to and makes heavy investment in talent cultivation, in the hope of turning training into the best benefit for employees and helping them to find their own ways of learning. Through a series of induction training of corporate culture, rules and regulations, outward bounds and visits to aviation museums, new employees will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the Company’s development history and management systems and lay a solid foundation for better integration into Andawell. More and more senior managers and professional talents are needed for further development, so Andawell continuously strengthens its technical training of in-service staff, facilitates the Engineering Master Program and arranges foreign visits and studies, allowing each employee a development space and leading them to self-cognition, self-development, self-management and self-challenge.


Andawell actively yet prudently advances the reform and improvement of salary and welfare system, and improves the remuneration system design to achieve its fairness and incentive function; on the other hand, it attracts and maintains talents for a more competitive talent pool.


Through post rotation, the staff exercise themselves in person and broadens their horizon. At the same time, the Company can build its talent pool in advance and a great talent team for future selection of top-level talents.

Andawell explores new business domains on a continued basis, leaving enough room for the talents to embrace new challenges. Inspired by the corporate tenet of “Enjoying transcendence and embracing responsibility”, Andawell’s employees are motivated to learn more with a pioneering spirit. Andawell integrates the employees’ dreams with its corporate ambitions and makes constant efforts to become a visionary leader in aviation industry.